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What's the difference between FESS Little NosesĀ® Drops & Spray?

FESS Little Noses Spray is ideal for older babies who tend to wriggle around a lot. The spray is preservative and additive free with a unique filter in the bottle to keep the saline hygienic and germ free. It also comes with a FESS Nasal Aspirator to gently remove excess mucus. The FESS Little Noses drops bottle makes it ideal for newborn babies by allowing a more gentle application of non-medicated saline into the littlest nose. FESS Little Noses Spray is also individually packaged and therefore, is ideal for parents who may already have an Aspirator.

How often can I use FESS Little Noses?

Because FESS Little Noses is non-medicated, it can be used as often as necessary. We also recommend using FESS Little Noses prior to feeding and sleeping so that baby can breathe easier.

Remember to always use as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Is FESS Little Noses suitable for a newborn baby?

Yes, FESS Little Noses Saline Nose Spray and Drops can be used from the first day of your baby’s life.

Is FESS Little Noses available without the Aspirator?

Yes, FESS Little Noses Saline Nasal Spray is also available without an Aspirator.

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