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Your nose is part of your body’s shield against common upper respiratory tract infections, like colds. A well lubricated nose helps to produce mucus which traps bacteria and other pollutants from reaching the lungs. When your nose and nasal passages lack adequate moisture you may experience nasal dryness, irritation and itching.

FESS Dry Nose Oil helps provide relief from nasal dryness and crusting. It helps protect the nasal mucosa by lubricating and moisturising the nose. The oil base is made from 100% pure sesame oil (no mineral oil) and ensures long lasting relief. FESS Dry Nose Oil can help to prevent the occurrence of small cracks in the nasal mucosa and decrease the formation of nasal crusts.

Nasal Dryness increases due to:

Low Humidity: Low humidity climates and environments (air-conditioned or heated buildings, cars and planes) often result in nasal dryness.
Oxygen and CPAP therapy: High flow rates or air or oxygen applied to the nose can result in inflamed and dry nasal tissue and crusting.
Medication: Medications such as nasal steroid sprays for hayfever and some acne treatments can cause dryness and crusting of the nasal tissues.
Colds and Flu: the common cold and flu often result in nasal dryness and leave your nose feeling dry.
Post operative care: After nasal surgery dried bloody and mucus can irritate and block the nasal cavities. Moisturising the nasal tissues assist the healing process.
Ageing population: as you age you may experience changes to the lining of the nose and cartilages in the nose resulting in nasal dryness and crusting women going through menopause may experience nasal dryness.


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